Tuinyo Wireless Headphones Review

Tuinyo Wireless Headphones Review: Read This Before Buying

When it comes to choosing the right pair of headphones, it’s a jungle out there. But today, I’m zeroing in on the Tuinyo wireless headphones.

In this Tuinyo wireless headphones review, you’ll find out all about their features and problems with them. Note that I’m exploring four models: the TU19-DM, TP 19, WH-960, and WH-816.

Let’s begin with the best and the most affordable Tuinyo headphones!

Tuinyo WH-960: The Best Tuinyo Headphones

WH-960 is the best Tuinyo headphones, in my opinion. In fact, it has been giving tough competition to Sony and other top brands because of its features.

The top-class pros are:


  • Supreme Noise Cancellation
  • 60-Hour Playtime
  • Extremely comfortable and foldable
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
  • Looks super cool.
  • Perfect for games and calls.


  • Limited color options

Tuinyo TP-19: Best Budget Tuinyo Headphones

TP-19 is the best budget Tuinyo headphones. But don’t think that the low price means it’s not good.

The headphones offer a lot of advantages, and the top ones are:


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Ear cushions are really soft
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity
  • 40 hours of battery life
  • Super fast charging
  • Tuinyo gives warranty.


  • Limited customization options

Now, let’s start the Tuinyo headphones review.

Tuinyo Wireless Headphones Review: Are they Worth Buying?

Tuinyo Wireless Headphones Review

Tuinyo is becoming one of the top headphone brands in the world. Thousands of people have tried it, and almost every one of them has praised the features. That’s why I can safely say that Tuinyo wireless headphones are definitely worth the price.

I am now making a table of comparison of the top 4 Tuinyo wireless headphones to give you an idea about how good they are:

ModelTU19-DMTP 19WH-960WH-816
Sound QualityHigh definition stereoHigh fidelity stereoActive noise cancellationHigh definition stereo with noise reduction
Bluetooth ConnectionCompatible with various devicesSeamless with all Bluetooth devices and supports Siri-assisted devicesCompatible with almost every deviceCan quickly pair with 3.5mm devices
Comfort1. Memory-protein foam leather earmuffs.
2. Adjustable and foldable
1. Memory-protein ear cushions
2. Stainless steel slider
3. Padded headband
Extremely comfortable earpads for extended wearSuper soft memory-protein foam leather earmuff
Battery Life14 hours of music time, 2.5 hours fast charging40 hours music time, 2-2.5 hours fast charging60 hours of playtime14 hours music time, 2.5 hours fast charging
Dual ModeYes, switch between wired and wireless modesYes, wired and wireless modesYes, can switch to wired modeYes, switch between wired and wireless modes

Now, the details!

Amazing Sound Quality

Tuinyo headphones offer impressive audio quality.

TU19-DM: These headphones are like your personal concert. The sound quality is top-notch (clear and crisp). Furthermore, its advanced noise reduction technology cuts out background noise, so it’s just you and your music. In fact, people have told me that even at low volumes, the sound is full and rich.

TP 19: These headphones also do not disappoint when it comes to audio quality. In my experience, the reasons are the neat ear cushion design and 40mm neodymium driver.

WH-960: WH-960 steps it up with active noise cancellation. With it, you can feel every range without distortion. That’s why you can use this audio gadget for both listening to music and playing games.

WH-816: The high-definition stereo sound of this headphone provides a great experience. Furthermore, WH-816 is designed with noise reduction technology. This will allow you to listen to video or audio calls clearly and jam out to your favorite tunes.

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Seamless Bluetooth Connection

After sound quality, the next thing I see in a headphone is the connectivity. It’s because nothing frustrates me more than a wireless headphone that keeps disconnecting. That’s why before I purchase a product, I read the Bluetooth details first.

The good news here is that all Tuinyo headphones are developed with advanced Bluetooth technologies. According to verified reviews, they can connect to any device seamlessly. So, whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer, it’s a smooth and quick connection.

No more fiddling around trying to pair your headphones. Slide the on/off button, and you’re set to go. It’s that easy.

Built for Comfort

All Tuinyo headphones are super comfortable. When you look at their designs, it becomes clear that the company cares about how you feel after wearing these headphones.

I have also read most of the user reviews before writing this article, and most of them were full of praise about the comfort.

The main reason behind it is the ergonomic design and earpads.

TU19-DM: Its earmuffs are made of this super soft memory-protein foam leather. You might even forget you’re wearing them! Furthermore, they are adjustable and foldable, too, which means they’re easy to carry around and fit just right (no matter the shape or size of your head).

TP 19: The TP 19 is all about making sure you’re comfortable, no matter how long you wear them. Their memory-protein ear cushions sit gently on your ears. Another thing I like about the TP 19 headphone design is that the headband is padded and made of durable stainless steel. Due to this, you can adjust it to fit perfectly without worrying about it wearing out.

WH-960: The WH-960 takes comfort to the next level. They’re designed for those long listening sessions. The best part? They fit snugly around your ears, providing comfort without any pressure points.

WH-816: The earmuffs are soft and skin-friendly, which means you can wear them for hours. But the best part about WH-816 is that they’re also foldable and stretchable. It means you can adjust them to your liking, and they won’t take much space in your bag.

Long Battery Life & Dual Mode

Lastly, I checked the battery life and dual mode feature of Tuinyo headphones. In fact, these things are two of the main reasons why I think these headphones are giving tough competition to bigger brands.

TU19-DM: The TU19-DM offers long battery life, even at this price range. If you charge it once, you can enjoy listening to music for about 14 hours. Let me tell you that it’s like flying from New York to Tokyo, and still some battery will be left.

TP 19: The TP 19 takes battery life even further. With an 800mAh battery, you get a staggering 40 hours of music time. That’s almost two whole days of non-stop music on a single charge!

WH-960: WH-960 has the best numbers. A full charge gives you 60 hours of playtime. That’s more than two and a half days of continuous use! That’s why I recommend them to those who like to go on long trips. Furthermore, this headphone is for you if you don’t like to charge your audio devices frequently.

WH-816: The WH-816 also does not disappoint when it comes to battery life. Each of them has a 450mAh battery, giving you 14 hours of uninterrupted music time.

When I was reading all about Tuinyo, I also found out that they are super versatile. With the dual mode, you can go from wireless to wired in a jiffy. This will ensure your music never stops, even when the battery is low.

So, due to these things, it’s safe to say that Tuinyo headphones are worth buying.

Problems With Tuinyo Wireless Headphones

I have also found some problems with the Tuinyo wireless headphones, which you should know in advance. The issues are with the sound blocking and app support.

Sound blocking Should be Better

When you compare Tuinyo headphones with expensive headphones, you will realize that the noise reduction could have been better. However, I still think the noise cancellation of Tuinyo headphones is one of the best in this price range.

No App

Another problem with Tuinyo headphones is that there is no app to customize the settings. You will enjoy this feature with Sony and other top brands.

Tuinyo Wireless Headphones Reviews: What People Are Saying?

Tuinyo Wireless Headphones Reviews

As I mentioned above, I read almost every comment on Tuinyo headphones before writing this article. Here are the few reviews which I think I should share with you:

  • Andy Tran: “I’m really impressed with the battery life of these headphones. It’s like they hardly ever need a recharge. Plus, I think the colors are just adorable!”
  • Patricia: “These headphones tick all my boxes – they sound great, pair easily, and are super comfy to wear. I just wish I got them in whites.”
  • Sandra Scott: “I’m a fan of how portable these headphones are. The color options, the lightweight design, and their overall functionality are top-notch.”
  • Dan Panetti: “I love Tuinyo headphones because they fold up neatly, making them perfect for traveling with the protective case. Plus, they’re really comfortable and sound great.”
  • Brian: “The connection quality is solid, and the sound is more than decent for the price point.”

After reading the reviews, it’s clear that most people love Tuinyo headphones after using them.

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In this Tuinyo wireless headphones review, I discussed the top features in detail first. After this, I explained the problems with this audio device and what people think of it.

All in all, I think it’s one of the best headphones at a low price range. The sound quality is impressive, and the battery life is another big plus. On top of all, you will get a warranty on these headphones as well.

So, if you have a tight budget and still want to own a high-quality audio gadget, I say you go for Tuinyo!

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