Best Earbuds For Kids

Best Earbuds for Kids (2024)- Which Ones to Get?

I understand that choosing the best earbuds for kids is difficult because there are hundreds of them in the market.

That’s why I spent days researching to choose the top ones for you. 

Fortunately, I successfully managed to shortlist the six best earbuds with the best features, design, and many other advantages.

I have also discussed which factors you should consider before placing an order later in the article. So, continue reading.

Now, check out the table of comparison of the earbuds discussed in this article.

Comparison Table of Best Earbuds for Kids

Belkin soundform Nano
(Best Overall)
WirelessCompact and sleekCheck Price on Amazon
Volkano Earbuds
(Best Earbuds for 5 Year Old Kids)
WiredStylish and colorfulCheck Price on Amazon
LilGadgets BestBuds
(Best Earbuds for 8 Years Old)
WiredKid-friendly designCheck Price on Amazon
LOL Surprise
(Best Earbuds for 10 Years Old)
WirelessErgonomic and FashionableCheck Price on Amazon
1MORE ComfoBuds
(Best Wireless Earbuds for 11 Years Old)
WirelessErgonomic and semi in-ear designCheck Price on Amazon
SkullCandy Dime 2
(Best wireless earbuds for 12 years old)
WirelessStylish and TrendyCheck Price on Amazon

6 Best Earbuds for Kids You Can Get

Now, check out the top 6 earbuds for kids that are safe, tough, and cool. They keep the volume down to protect little ears, are strong enough for active play, fit comfortably, have no messy wires, and can handle splashes. Perfect for kids who love music, games, and fun on the go.

Belkin Soundform Nano: Best Wireless Earbuds For Kids (My Pick)

Key Features

  • Battery: 24 hours
  • Charging speed: Less than two hours
  • Bluetooth range: 30 feet
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Volume limit: 85 dB

Belkin Soundform is my first choice because of its kid-friendly features, like 85 dB volume limiting, easy fitting, etc.

The earbuds come with silicone ear tips, which are soft and durable. They also sit in the small ears perfectly without causing any strain.

Belkin sends five ear tips in different sizes. Put each one on the buds and check whether it fits the ears. Remember- choosing the wrong one may impact the sound quality. 

In addition, Belkin kid earbuds’ battery timing, charging speed, and Bluetooth range are exceptional and no less than any costly audio gadgets. These features make the listening time fun. 

Another great quality about Belkin earbuds is that they don’t have any wires or buttons. So your little ones can use them without any difficulty. It has a built-in microphone too, which many listening devices for kids don’t have. 

Excellent audio qualityAvailable in pink color only.
Long Bluetooth range (30 feet)Recommended for ages seven and up.
24-hour battery time
Can withstand spills
100 percent safe for kids

Volkano: Top Earbuds for 5 Year Old Kids

Key Features

  • Design: Ninja, watermelon, mermaid, and bulldog. 
  • Cable: 4 Feet
  • Volume limit: 85 dB
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

The Volcano is a perfect wired earbud for a toddler in my opinion. It comes in four funky designs (Ninja, watermelon, mermaid, and bulldog), which your kid will love.
In addition to how stylish it looks, it is also safe for the little ones. The volume does not exceed 85 dB, which means the sound cannot hurt their eardrums.

Moreover, I also found Volkano earbuds fitting to be amazing. It comes with three soft ear tips, which are designed for toddlers only. 

In addition, the Volkano earbuds cable is long- 4 feet long. A play/pause button is also there, which a kid can press to start/stop the music. 

Furthermore, Volkano also sends a mini zipper bag for earphones. Your kids can put legos, mini toys, and other stuff in it. 

That is why this earbud is a perfect gift for children.

Awesome sound qualityWire can get tangled
Snug fitNo built-in microphone
It comes with a mini bag.
Safe for kids
1-year warranty

LilGadgets BestBuds: Best Earbuds for 8 Years Old

Key Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Volume limit: 93 dB
  • Ear tips: 3 sizes
  • Connection: 3.5 mm jack

The thing I like about LilGadgets BestBuds is that they are lightweight. The design is cozy, and they fit perfectly too. That is why the sound coming from these buds is crystal clear, which will enhance the overall listening experience. 

LilGadgets are compatible with many portable devices, like iPads, Chromebooks, etc. You can connect it with any 3.5 mm audio jack device. 

Don’t worry about the cable. It is tangle-free and durable. Lots of people have reviewed that LilGadgets stayed in exact shape for two years. 

The earbuds also come with a pouch. You can put them in it and travel to any place you like.

I also suggest you use Shareport and listen to the music with your kids. It will create great memories and you will also get the chance to know about your toddler’s music preferences.

Can connect with all 3.5 mm JackNot for children under 6
It comes with a travel pouchMay not fit some six years old too.
Cable is tangle-free

LOL Surprise: Top Wireless Earbuds for 10 Years Old

Key Features

  • Drivers: 6mm
  • Design: Ergonomic
  • Total Battery life: 24 hours
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Noise cancellation: Passive

LOL surprise wireless earbuds are an excellent choice for kids around ten. They look elegant and fashionable. The design is ergonomic and sleek, which your toddler will love.

Let’s discuss connectivity. These versatile earbuds can pair well with almost every device you have in your home. Your kid can use them for five hours straight in one go. With this case, the total battery life is around 24 hours.

When these earbuds shut down, don’t worry. They can get fully charged up within an hour. In fact, a 45-minute charging can power the earbuds for five hours easily.

Impressive audio qualityMay face fitting issues
Super fast charging speed
Fashionable design
Fun packaging
Perfect for kids aged 6 to 15.

1MORE ComfoBuds: Best Wireless Earbuds for 11 Years Old Kid

Key Features

  • Driver: 13.44 mm dynamic 
  • Weight per bud: 3.8 gram
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes

1More Comfobuds is full of features. Let’s start with design. The earbuds are made by a Grammy-winning engineer who wanted kids to hear the song/audio as it is supposed to. That’s why I had no doubt to include this audio device in this list of top earbuds for kids.

1More Comfobuds have an ergonomic and semi in-ear design that looks elegant. It means they don’t get inserted too far in the canal. Still, these buds still and do not slip out when kids run.

In addition, using these earbuds is simple. They can connect with a device right after you open the case. 

There are two additional features which I like. 

  • The buds have sensors to save the battery.
  • They offer noise cancellation. The four ENC microphones allow you or your kids to have a call in a noisy environment. 

Furthermore, 1More is a reputable company that has shipped more than 38 million audio devices in over 25 countries. So, Comfobuds are both amazing and reliable.

Instant pairingMic can sometimes cause issues.
IPX5 waterproof rating
Sleek design
Fits perfectly
Mini noise canceling due to 4 Mics

SkullCandy Dime 2: Best Wireless Earbuds for 12 Year Old Kid

Key Features

  • Battery life: 12 hours (with case)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • IP rating: IPX 4
  • Warranty: 1 year

SkullCandy Dime 2 is my pick for 12 years old. The reason is the buds offer supreme audio quality with rich details (which kids at the age prefers). Plus, the bass feels strong, while other frequencies feel perfect too.

SkullCandy also outdid its competition by adding a microphone in each bud. So, your young ones can have a call while wearing one earpiece. 

Furthermore, if the earpiece ever slips out, don’t worry. You can use Tile technology to find out where it is. But it is unlikely to happen because these earbuds don’t usually fall out easily. 

SkullCandy also offers a one-year warranty on Dime 2. If they suddenly stop working (which they usually don’t), you can contact the company and get a free replacement.

Impressive sound qualityCan cause some issues with the Chromebook.
Strong Bluetooth connectivity
Water and sweat resistant
Includes auto-connect/on feature
Decent battery life

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How I Choose These 6 Earbuds?

I spent more than a week researching features, customer reviews, volume limiting, and many other factors before choosing earbuds for the kids. 

During this time, I started with 50 earphones and narrowed it down to six. Let’s delve into the main factors I considered:


Customer or user reviews are experiences that people share after using the earbuds. Before choosing an audio device, I checked all the verified reviews on different platforms.

I discarded those audio gadgets with negative ratings and kept choosing those that received positive responses from the audience. 


After filtering earbuds from reviews, I next checked the features. I selected those earbuds that offered top-notch features like high sound quality, noise cancellation, battery timing, connectivity, color choices, etc. 

Those earbuds that had limited advantages were discarded in this step. 

Volume Limiting

Kids’ ears are not as strong as adults. Therefore, volume limiting is a crucial factor to consider. I shortlisted the earbuds that are safe for toddlers to use. 

The ones I discussed above do not hurt the ear drums or ear canal in any way (unless you choose the wrong ear tip size).

User-Friendly Controls

Lastly, I made a top six list by considering user-friendly controls. You can simply play or pause the music with one tap with the earbuds I have selected. 

So, due to these reasons, the six earbuds I have discussed above are top-quality, trustable, and provide the best user experience.

What to Look For Before Buying Earbuds for Kids?

Before you place an order of earbuds for your kids, there are three main things to consider to avoid frustration:


The main consideration factor before making a purchase is budget. If you don’t have much money, go for wired earbuds because they are cheaper than wireless ones.

However, if you have a wide budget, go for wireless earbuds because they are trendy, and kids love them. 

Color Choices

You should check the available colors before placing an order. Choose the one that your toddler loves. Belkin is available in one color only, but the other earbuds offer choices.

Volume Limiting Feature

Look for earbuds with a built-in volume limiting feature, ensuring the sound never exceeds safe levels (usually around 85 dB) to protect kids’ hearing.

Durability and Build Quality

Kids can be tough on gadgets. Choose earbuds made with durable materials and a robust design to withstand rough handling and frequent use.

For active kids or those prone to spills, look for earbuds that are water and sweat-resistant. This feature helps ensure the earbuds last longer, regardless of outdoor activities or accidents.

Comfort and Fit

Since kids have smaller ears, it’s important to find earbuds designed for their comfort. Look for models with multiple ear tip sizes or those specifically tailored for children.

To avoid tangles and the hassle of cords, consider wireless earbuds with Bluetooth connectivity. Ensure they have a stable connection and an appropriate range for kids’ activities.

Moreover, if choosing wireless earbuds, check the battery life. Long-lasting battery life is crucial to avoid frequent recharges, especially during travel or long periods of use.

How Many You Want?

At a discounted rate, many companies offer different packages, like “packs of three” or “groups of five.” If you want to buy earbuds for more than one kid, then I say you choose these packages to save money.  

So, consider these three factors and make an informed decision. 

Final Words

In this review, I discussed the top six earbuds for kids. They all are exceptional because of their sound quality and features. 

But the best one is the Belkin Soundform Nano

It is because its audio quality is unmatched. You can connect with it with Android, iPhone, iPad, and many other devices to enjoy music, videos, and much more.

Furthermore, the battery life with the case is 4 hours (which is remarkable). The charging speed is also ultra-fast. 

Plus, it is wireless (which is the trend) and offers strong Bluetooth connectivity. 

So, gift Belkin Soundform to your kids and make them happy!

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