How to Check iPhone Temperature? Top Ways

Want to know how you can measure iPhone temperature? Then this article is for you. iPhones can get a little hotter when you use them for quite some time. People now feel scared when this happens because they hear about the gadget explosion incident every now and then on the news and social media. That is why they look for ways to check how hot the iPhone really is.

So, how to check the iPhone’s temperature?

You can check iPhone temperature by going into settings and by using an infrared thermometer, thermal camera, & third-party apps. Infrared thermometer and thermal camera methods are somewhat expensive and time-consuming, but the settings and third-party apps are the easiest to do.

In this guide, I’m explaining these proven ways to check the iPhone’s temperature and also answering your most asked queries.

Top Ways To Check iPhone Temperature

There are top 4 proven ways to measure the iPhone’s temperature. Each of these methods is simple. However, their cost varies.

From Settings: How To Check iPhone Temperature iPhone 13 and 14?

The easiest and best way to check the temperature of an iPhone is from the settings of the phone. People often ask us how to check the temperature using an iPhone. Well, for this:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on an iPhone and then tap on “General.” 
  2. Then go to the bottom of the page and tap on “About.” 
  3. Next, go to the “Temperature” option, where you can see your mobile temperature.

Infrared Thermometer

One of the most accurate ways to check the iPhone’s temperature is via Infrared Thermometer. The phone areas like the screen, battery, CPU, and around cameras generate more heat than other parts. By using an infrared thermometer in these areas, users can check phones’ temperature easily. 

Follow these steps to check the phone temperature with an infrared thermometer:

  1. Take an infrared thermometer and turn its power on.
  2. Then, put the thermometer on the phone’s screen, and hold it there for a few seconds.
  3. Next, move the thermometer slowly on the whole screen to check the temperature.
  4. After that, move the thermometer to the phone’s backside and hold it for a few seconds. Then, move slowly on the whole area to completely check the phone’s temperature.

The thermometer will show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit according to the settings chosen by you.

how to check iPhone temperature
Infrared Thermometer

Many people also search about how to check iPhone CPU temperature. The infrared thermometer method is perfect for measuring it as well.

Thermal Camera To Check iPhone Temperature iOS 16

A thermal camera is another piece of equipment for checking the iPhone’s temperature. It is an advanced and upgraded form of an infrared thermometer that works on the same technique. It is super accurate, and some say that it is even better than an infrared thermometer.

Here’s how to use a Thermal camera to check the iPhone’s temperature:

  1. Take a thermal camera and turn on its power.
  2. Next, take the camera towards the screen and then move it around there to check the temperature.
  3. After that, move the camera towards the back side to check the back’s temperature.
how to check iPhone temperature
A Thermal Camera

Third-Party Apps: iPhone Temperature Check Online

If you don’t want to buy a new infrared thermometer or thermal camera, then don’t worry. There are some third-party apps that can display the correct temperature of the iPhone in no time.

Wondering which one they are?

Here are some apps below where one can check the phone temperature on an iPhone.

Apple Health: The Best Check iPhone Temperature App

The iPhone has its own app called “Apple Health,” which you can use to measure the temperature of your iPhone. It works by connecting to the external smart thermometer, and this thermometer provides the exact temperature value.

But that’s not it.

According to Apple, the Apple Health app can help you access your medical information easily. They will be your finger taps away if you download this app.


The second app you can use to check iPhone temperature is Kinsa. Although it is a medical app, it can also be used as a “Check iPhone temperature app.”

How? A small thermometer is present in Kinsa, which can measure how hot the device is. The best part about this app is that you do not need to have any thermometer and don’t need to link it to the other apps.

That’s all about how to check the iPhone’s temperature. Now, it’s time to know why the iPhone’s temperature rises significantly.

Why iPhone Temperature Rises (Overheats)?

There are many reasons which can increase the iPhone’s temperature. These are:

  • Any updating process (as it consumes a lot of battery)
  • Structure limitations (iPhones do not have any fan to cool the heat)
  • Running processor-intensive functions such as games, using GPS navigation, streaming HD videos, etc. 
  • Bugs in outdated apps that increase the workload of the processor 
  • Faulty or old battery
  • Exposing your iPhone to Sunlight. 
  • Running too many apps simultaneously can put much pressure on the processor.

Because of the things described above, your iPhone works harder to manage all of the functions, which can generate more heat.

What To Do If iPhone Temperature Rises?

If the temperature of an iPhone rises, you should immediately do these things to keep it under control:

Close All Background Apps

To cool the raised temperature of an iPhone, close all of the opened apps on an iPhone. If you do this, the workload of the processor is decreased, and eventually, it cools down.

Restart your iPhone

If you do not know or have time to turn off all the apps, you must restart your iPhone. Doing this will close all the opened apps.

To restart the iPhone: 

  • First, press the power button and any volume button at the same time. 
  • After a few seconds, a slider will appear. Drag it to the right, and the mobile will power off. 
  • Then, wait for a few minutes so that the iPhone cools down. 
  • Next, turn on the mobile by pressing the power button for a few seconds. Release the button when you see the apple logo on the screen.

Remove the Case

When your iPhone gets heated, remove its case as it traps heat and prevents it from discharging. By removing the case, the airflow will also increase. You should also keep your iPhone in a cool place or under a fan to further cool it down.

In addition to this, you can also do some more things to reduce the iPhone’s temperature:

  • Keep your iPhone up-to-date, as many performance improvements come with upgrades. 
  • If your phone gets heated during charging, then remove it from charging. 
  • If it is exposed to direct sunlight, then remove it from sunlight. 
  • You should also turn on Power saving mode and also turn on the “Auto Brightness” setting.
  • Delete the extra widgets.
  • You can also reset the Settings.
  • While playing games, if it gets heated, then stop playing games to cool it down as it draws pressure on the processor.


What Is the Normal Temperature of an iPhone?

The normal temperature of an iPhone is 32º – 95º Fahrenheit (0º – 35º C) at 5 – 95% relative humidity. iPhones do not work smoothly if the temperature goes below 0º C, and it specifically does not operate at -4º – 113º F (-20º – 45º C). Similarly, if the temperature increases from 100℉, iPhones can get permanently damaged. 

Does the iPhone have an in-Built Temperature Sensing System?

Yes, the iPhone has in-built temperature sensors. These sensors are added to monitor the battery and processor’s temperature. 

In case of extreme temperatures (hot or cold), these sensors shut down. They do this to prevent damage so that you can keep using the iPhone.

Final Remarks

So, how to check iPhone’s temperature?

You can check the iPhone’s temperature by going into Settings, opening the General option, and then visiting “About.” You can also know how hot the iPhone is with the help of an infrared thermometer and thermal camera. In addition, third-party apps like Apple Health, Kinsa, etc., are also effective in measuring the mobile’s temperature.

With these easy methods, you can get accurate readings/measurements of the iPhone’s temperature in no time.

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