How to Clean Raycon Earbuds

How to Clean Raycon Earbuds? (Easy Ways)

It is super important you keep your Raycon earbuds dust and stain-free if you want to have the best listening experience. But a lot of people don’t know how to do it and often search for easy ways of cleaning.

So, how to clean Raycon earbuds?

The easy way to clean Raycon earbuds is by using a cotton swab and dipping in Rubbing alcohol or soap water. Gently massage it on the dirty buds until all the debris and dust scratch off. After this, put the earbuds in the open for a few minutes to let them dry. That’s how you will have spotless earbuds.

Continue reading if you want to know the details of these steps.

How to Clean Raycon Earbuds? Top Ways

There are several effective ways to clean Raycon earbuds. 

With Soap and Water

To clean your Raycon earbuds with soap and water, follow these steps.

  • First, shake them to get rid of any excess dust and dirt. 
  • Separate the tips/buds from the body by gently stretching them. Carefully place these buds in a safe place where you won’t lose them.
  • Gently wash the tips with soap and water. Then, use a towel or a soft cloth to dry them up. 
  • After this, take a cloth, soak it in soap water and gently massage the buds. This will get rid of dirt, and you will have cleaner Raycon earbuds in the end.
  • Dry these buds with a dry cloth and then let them stay for some time before starting to use them again.

With Rubbing Alcohol And Q-Tips (A Great Method for Raycon E55)

If the dirt is not removed properly with the help of soap and water, then you should try alcohol to clean the Raycon earbuds. 

For cleaning with alcohol, you need these two things:

  1. Q-tips (or cotton swabs)
  2. Rubbing alcohol

If you have both of these things, then follow these easy steps:

  • First, separate the tips from the body of the earbuds gently.
  • The next step is to put some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip. Don’t over-add it, or else the buds can get damaged. Massage the Q-tip on the inside of the earphone hole with care, paying particular attention to the speaker cone. 
  • Hold the exposed screen/opening where the silicon tip is placed. Gently brush it with a Q-tip in a circular motion. Take care not to oversaturate the screen with alcohol or push too hard.
  • Now, remove the screen using the wet Q-tip. Make sure nothing falls into the Raycon E55’s freshly exposed aperture. Clean both sides of the Raycon E55 screen and then put it in the open. Make sure you put it in a safe place, as it is tiny.
  • Clean the Raycon E55’s speaker opening. We don’t want alcohol sliding down towards the speaker, so don’t push too hard or oversaturate the speaker’s opening.
  • Next, using the dry end of the Q-tip, carefully push the screen into place.
  • Lastly, insert the tips and start using the cleaned Raycon earbuds.

Use an Earbud Cleaning Pen

People now also use earbud cleaner/earbud cleaning pens to get rid of all the dirt on the outside and inside of the audio gadget. You can either buy a cleaning kit or just a pen and scrape out the debris and dust easily. It has a soft brush that can clean the Raycon earbuds without damaging any components. So, if you have money, you can spend it on buying an earbud cleaning pen or kit.

how to clean raycon earbuds

Get Help From a Cleaning Spray

You can also purchase a cleaning spray and use it to remove the dirt on the Raycon earbuds. If you want, you can also make this spray at home using soap, shampoo, or hydrogen peroxide. After spraying, make sure you dry the buds and the tips with a soft material.

Use a Tissue and Tap Water

If you see there is not much dirt on the earbuds, then using simple tissue and tap water will work too.

  • Take a tissue and soak it in water.
  • Start scratching off the dirt on the debris with the moist tissue
  • Take another tissue and use it to dry the buds.
how to clean Raycon earbuds

That’s how to clean Raycon earbuds.

What Not To Do When You Clean Raycon Earbuds?

You have to be really careful when you follow any method to clean the Raycon earbuds. Some of the things that you should not do are:

  • Never use a dryer to dry the moist earbuds, as this can cause internal damage.
  • Never apply too much pressure during the cleaning.
  • Don’t do the cleaning if there is a pet or kid nearby, as they can swallow the tips and buds.
  • Don’t leave the tips and earbuds moist for a long time.

Benefits of Cleaning Raycon Earbuds

You should clean your Raycon earbuds at least once every 15 days. The reason is that you will get lots of advantages for keeping them dust and spot-free.

Better Sound Quality

When there is dust inside the buds or on the tips, it will impact the audio quality. When this happens, the listening experience will not be good. So, it is crucial you follow the above ways to keep the Raycon audio devices clean. 

Improve Durability 

Want to use Raycon earbuds for a long time? Then make a habit of cleaning them every now and then. It is because dust buildup can affect its efficiency, which will impact the listening experience. As a result, you won’t enjoy wearing them and will feel the need to replace them with new ones. 

Helps With Fast Charging

Dust and debris on the charging point slow down the charging speed. So, if the earbuds start taking longer time than usual, check whether the ports are clean or not. If not, then use the soap and water method to clean them gently.

How to Clean a Raycon Case?

It is also crucial you keep the Raycon case clean as well. It is because no matter how much you clean the earbuds, if the inside of the case is dirty, the buds will again get filthy.

How do i Clean Raycon Earbuds case

To clean a Raycon case, follow these steps:

  • Take a soft cloth, cotton swab, or tissue and apply some rubbing alcohol to it. 
  • Open the case and carefully rub the cloth or tissue on the dirt. 
  • Keep doing this until all the dust or debris gets removed. 
  • Use a dry tissue to get rid of any moisture.

How to Clean Raycon Headphones?

Although most people feel that isopropyl alcohol and water are the best ways to clean Raycon earphones, they don’t do much when it comes to headphones. If your Raycon Headphones appear uncleanable using common home goods, place them in a jar and fill it with pure 3% hydrogen peroxide. 

Allow your headphones to soak in the fluid until the foam bits are entirely white again (this should take about 30 minutes). After this, take them out and pat them dry with a paper towel.

The Bottom Line

So, how to clean Raycon earbuds?

To clean your Raycon earbuds, first, remove the tips from the buds. Then, get rid of all the dirt on it by using rubber alcohol. After this, take a soft cloth, towel, or cotton swab and dip it into soap water, or rubbing alcohol. Gently massage the buds until all the dirt is removed.

To clean the Raycon case, follow a similar process.

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