Who Called Me From This Phone Number?

Who Called Me From This Phone Number?

“Who called me from this number?” is the first question you think of whenever you get a ring from an unknown number. It may be a scammer, telemarketer, robocall, potential client, or an old friend. Fortunately, the apps and websites discussed in this article can tell you who the person was.

Who Called Me From This Phone Number? Best Apps

To know who called you from the unknown phone number, here are the nine best apps you can use:

  • TruthFinder
  • Phone By Google
  • Instant Checkmate
  • CallApp
  • Sync.Me
  • Should I Answer?
  • Hiya Caller ID
  • MrNumber
  • Call Control
App NameFeaturesBackground ChecksReverse Phone LookupOur Rating
TruthFinderBackground Checks, Criminal Record Search, Reverse Phone Lookup.YesYes4.9/5
Phone by GoogleCaller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, Visual Voicemail.NoYes4.6/5
Instant CheckmateBackground Checks, Criminal Record Search, Reverse Phone Lookup.YesYes4.5/5
CallAppCaller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, SMS Messaging.NoYes4.5/5
Sync.MeCaller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, Social Media Integration.NoNo4.2/5
Should I Answer?Caller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, Community-based spam database.NoNo4.2/5
Hiya Caller IDCaller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, SMS Messaging.NoNo4.3/5
Mr. NumberCaller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, Reverse Phone Lookup.NoYes4.2/5
Call ControlCaller ID, Call Blocking, Spam Protection, Community-based spam database.NoNo4.6/5


who called me from this phone number

Wondering who called me from this phone number in the US? Then use TruthFinder. Founded in 2015, it is one of the most used apps to know who calls you. It was developed to counter safety vulnerabilities and protect your privacy.

With TruthFinder, you can check the number and find out the following:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Arrest records
  • Educational history
  • Possible Relatives
  • Social media profiles, etc.

Interesting Fact: More than 8 million people use it monthly to know who calls them. It also caters to more than 300,000 daily searches, which is super impressive.

Easy to useHave to subscribe to enjoy the premium features.
Provides customer-centric featuresDoes not offer any free trial
Can be used on both Android and iOS
More than 60,000 five-star reviews
Offers refund policy.

Phone By Google- Google Phone Number Lookup Free

Phone by Google is Google’s official phone calling app that has been downloaded more than one billion times. This app has an extensive database, which helps it inform you about the phone numbers that are not even saved in your contacts.

In addition, Phone by Google allows you to screen fraudulent calls. So, you can get selective calls and avoid unwanted ones. It also makes a transcript of the voicemails you receive, which means you don’t have to play them anymore.

Simple and easy-to-understand designSome features are available in the USA only
Blocks unwanted callsCompatible with Android 9.0 or later versions.
Makes transcript of the voicemails
Emergence location support.

Instant Checkmate

who called me from this phone number

If you are getting harassment calls, then you can also go for the Instant Checkmate. It provides a comprehensive report about the number that was calling you.

You can find:

  • A person’s contact information
  • Location
  • Criminal records, etc.

To conduct searches on Instant Checkmate, you can do the following:

  • Reverse phone lookup
  • People search
  • Inmate search
  • Criminal record search.

In addition, Instant Checkmate also allows you to do dark web monitoring for an additional price. With this feature, you can stay alert about stolen passwords, which accounts can get hacked, etc.

Unlimited searchesCompatible with iOS 14.0 or later.
Extensive database
Easy to use
Affordable price.


know who called you easily

CallApp has over 100 million users because of its top-notch features. The best one is that it automatically identifies scammers, telemarketers, etc. It has a smart search feature that can tell you about any number in the world. Additionally, it also identifies the number by going through the messaging apps on your phone.

Furthermore, you can also blacklist the number that has been troubling you with CallApp. There is also an Incognito Mode feature, which lets you make anonymous calls. The numbers you dial after turning on this feature do not show up in the call log history. So your privacy stays protected.

In addition, you can also record the calls, back up phone numbers, get birthday alerts of your contacts, set call reminders, and do a lot more with CallApp.

Both for Android and iOSThe app wants lots of permissions to work properly
Easy phone number searchMay occasionally face problems with call recording.
Gives you insights by calling behaviors and patterns
Introduced “Car Mode” feature for safe driving
Lets you set a personalized ringtone
Has a “Who Viewed My Profile” feature.


Phone number lookup

Sync.me is a perfect package of valuable features and a user-friendly interface. With it, you can easily view who is calling you and check their identity. It syncs the images from social media, which is why you will also be viewing a picture with a phone number.

The premium version also allows you to sync the contacts with Google Drive. It means if you ever lose all your contacts, you can get them back from Google Drive easily.

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Another great thing about Sync.me is that it blocks spam and robo calls so that you enjoy peace. Plus, it also goes through your message and spots the spammed ones. In addition, you can also record and save calls on your mobile phones.

Can clean up duplicate contacts by merging themSocial media syncing may not work smoothly sometimes.
Backup contacts
Record calls in clear voice
Endorsed by leading tech media.

Should I Answer

Should I Answer is another top app that can assist you in identifying numbers and avoiding unwanted calls. People also use it to block spam numbers from contacting them. 

The creator of Should I Answer also keeps a close look on the reviews this app is getting and keeps updating it to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Blocks irritating callsLimited features
Strong privacy protection systemNo Background Check feature.
1 Million plus downloads
Free to use.


Check this Phone Number

If you haven’t used any Caller ID before, you should try Hiya. This app has a straightforward and beginner-friendly interface, which is why you can easily do a reverse phone search to find out about the mysterious number.

With it, you can also filter out the “neighbor spoofing” calls- the ones that look familiar to your numbers. Additionally, it also offers you to block robocalls with a few taps.

It is ReliableSaves a copy of your contacts in its database
Gives free spam alertsHave to subscribe to use premium features.
Offers a 7-day free trial
Available in more than 40 countries
More than 400 million users.

Mr Number

Another app to identify who is calling you is Mr Number. With over 10 million downloads, this app has been one of the fastest-growing Caller IDs and blockers today.

We chose Mr Number because its industry-leading spam detection technology has helped Android and iOS users stay safe from spam and robocalls. In addition, it has many features that help you manage who can call you and who cannot.

You can also manage your block list with this app. Furthermore, it allows you to mark the phone numbers as spam to inform others about them.

Extensive phone number databaseRequires iOS 13.0 at least.
Uses the latest spam detection technology
iOS CallKit integration
Available in different languages
Offers monthly and yearly plans.

Call Control

Who called me from this number country

People mainly use Call Control to block spam, telemarketer, and robo calls. In its recent update, the app has also announced that it can effectively stop fake IRS tax scam calls.

But you can also use it to reverse phone lookup to check who was irritating you with calls.

Call Control claims it gets updates from FTC, IRS, Indiana State, and other reputable sources. That is why their data is accurate and reliable.

Today, more than 12 million people have downloaded the Call Control app, and the numbers are continuously rising because of its top-class features.

AffordableAvailable in only English language.
Includes “Do Not Disturb” feature
Can create a personal blocklist
12 Million plus users.

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Top Websites to Know Who Called You From Unknown Phone Number

There are also some websites that can tell you about the unknown phone number without forcing you to download any app or software. The best ones are:

  • NumLooker
  • WhoCallMe
  • WhoseNumber
  • US Phone Lookup
App NameReverse Phone LookupUser Comments and RatingsSpam ReportingCall Blocking
NumLookerYesNoYesYes (in paid version)
WhoseNumberYesYesYesYes (in paid version)
US Phone LookupYesYesYesYes (in paid version).


who called me from this phone number free lookup

Did you search for “Who called me from this phone number free lookup?” Well, we have got NumLooker for you. With it, you can know whether you received a call from a spammer, friend, or business associate without paying a single buck.

It is our top pick because it caters to thousands of searches daily and lets them know who is calling them from strange numbers. You can also know the caller’s age, address, social media handles, and criminal records. NumLooker gets this record from credible sources, so you can trust the information you get.

In addition, you can also get in touch with long-lost friends with the “people search” feature. Just type the name and go through the database to find the person you are looking for.

Easy phone number lookupAnnoying ads keep popping up
Can do the background checkLimited features than apps.
Can tell you about your new neighbors
Phone directory feature available.


whose telephone numbers is this

WhoCallMe is the first choice of thousands of people who are looking for a free reverse phone lookup. The reason we like this website is that it has a super fast processing time, which means you won’t have to wait to see the results (which is a problem with many reverse phone lookup websites).

WhoCallMe also has a well-detailed database, which is easily accessible to everyone. That is why there are different methods of verifying unknown numbers, and you can follow any of them. Furthermore, there is also a blog section that educates you about calls from unidentified numbers.

Free for everyoneYou can’t block calls with it.
Fast and reliable results
Searches are confidential 
Service is available 24/7
Excellent privacy system.


who called me from this phone number uk

It is another “free cell phone number lookup” website that is simple to navigate and use. You will have to:

  • Type the number.
  • Check the results.
  • Do the background check.

When you go to the WhoseNumber website, you will see a search box where you will be typing in the phone number. Then, wait for the results, which will not take more than a few minutes. After this, open the result that matches the number and discover everything about the person.

Moreover, WhoseNumber has a huge database derived from reputable sources, including government agencies. A customer-friendly support team is also ready to help you 24/7 if you face any problems.

WhoseNumber has a section in which it lists popular fraudster/scammer numbers too. Open it and match the unknown number that called you.

Simple to useLimited features when we compare it with apps.
You can find social media profiles 
Uses reliable data for background checks
24/7 customer support.

US Phone Book to See Whose Telephone Number is This

who called me from this phone number us

The last website we are suggesting is US Phone Book. It is a top-notch reverse phone lookup site that can give you details about the unknown person who was making a call in a few seconds.

In addition to phone numbers, it also lets you know about the details from name and address searches.

Intuitive interfaceAvailable in the USA only.
100 percent free
Provides data, including numbers, email, address, etc.
Clear privacy policy.

Why Is It Important To Know Who Called You From an Unknown Phone Number?

It is critical to know who called you from an unknown phone number because it will assist you in avoiding scammers. If you run a business, you can also find out whether the person who tried to reach you is a potential client or a customer. Furthermore, knowing about the new number will also give you peace of mind.

To Avoid Getting Scammed

The main reason you should know who called you is to avoid getting defrauded. Calling from unknown numbers that look familiar is one of the ways the tricksters try to get to you. But the new number can also be real (in some cases).

Therefore, it is super important to find out whether the person who contacted you is legitimate or a deceiver.

Safety Purposes

Your safety might be at risk if you keep getting anonymous calls. That is why you should get in-depth about who might be calling you.

Doing this is compulsory if the other person tries to harass or threaten you. In this situation, you should also take appropriate action, like contacting the police.

For Your Businesses

Sometimes, small corporations get new calls from potential customers or clients. If you are an influencer, maybe a sponsor tried to get in touch with you.

Missing such calls can hurt your business. In this case, you can follow up in a professional manner and state the reason why you weren’t able to pick up the call.

Peace of Mind

The last crucial thing is knowing who is calling on your phone number will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to keep thinking about who might be the person. Simply use the apps we have discussed above, and you will have a sense of closure.

What To Do When You Receive a Call From an Unknown Phone Number?

When you get an unknown call, there are two things to do:

  • Assess the credibility of the caller
  • Take appropriate action based on the situation.

Assess the Credibility of the Caller

You should try to judge the intentions of the caller first. Ask as many questions as you like, as fraudsters do not like this. It’s the oldest trick, but you should trust your instincts during the conversation.

If you feel something is off, you should not accept any terms and offers on the call. Furthermore, don’t provide any personal information. Just say you are busy and will get in touch shortly.

Take Appropriate Action

After hanging up the call, it will be better to take appropriate action to deal with the situation. A better option would be to contact the company or organization the scammer said he was representing and confirm whether there has been any problem.

You can also look into your mobile carrier’s anti-spam solutions and block the number. In addition, we also suggest you report unwanted calls to the FTC. Go to the  National Do Not Call Registry and register your number. In this way, you will be protected from any upcoming fraud calls in the future.

How to Know If It Is a Legit or Scam Call?

By playing smart and matching the numbers, you can know if the call is legit or a scam. Go to the company’s official website and then check which numbers they have listed. In addition, if the other person asks you about payment information or pressurizes you to act quickly, it’s a scam call.

Match the Numbers

Whenever you get a call from a person who claims to be an organization representative, the first thing to do is double-check the number with the one mentioned on the company’s official website. If it is the same, then you can trust the caller.

But if the phone number does not match, you should be cautious, as the call will most likely be a scam. Note that the scammers try to spook numbers closest to the ones you or the company have to establish legitimacy. So, look for exact numbers only.

Asking About Payment Info

A fraudster will ask you about something personal, especially your payment information. You should never tell anyone about credit card numbers or any login information to the banking app. A phony may also try to lure you in with gift cards, which you should not accept.

The payment methods are also usually “unusual” in this situation. It will be a wire transfer or gift card in most cases. So, if some unknown person tells you to wire money urgently, you are chatting with a defrauder.

Never give payment details to unknown caller

Inserting the Pressure to Act Right Now

Scammers don’t give you time to think and want you to act quickly. They may even force you to go for what they want on the first call too. So, if you feel intimidated or pressured, hang up the call and try to know who was on the phone by using any apps listed above.

Tips For Staying Safe When Answering Unknown Phone Calls

It is super important you stay alert when answering an unknown phone number. We suggest you do the following:

  • Hang up the phone- If you feel something is not right, the safest thing to do is immediately hang up the number. 
  • Don’t give any personal info- You should never tell your email, social security number, credit card numbers, or anything personal to an unknown person.
  • Don’t accept lucrative offers- Fraudsters try to manipulate your mind by offering whooping prizes or gift cards, which you should not accept. 
  • Use Caller ID- Using the Caller ID feature of your mobile also comes in handy in knowing who is calling you. You can know whether your relative or friend is pranking with the new number easily with this feature.
  • Block the Number- If you see a number and don’t recognize it, it is better to avoid picking it up altogether and use the reverse phone lookup to see who was calling you. If the number does not seem legit, block it.

How to Block Calls From an Unknown Phone Number?

To trace the last call, dial “*69” first. When you do this, the mobile will dial with the last call automatically. Now, you can easily block it by choosing the “Block” or tapping the three dots and then selecting the “Block” option. 

In addition, you can also simply long press the number on your mobile and choose the “Block” option.

FAQs About Who Called Me From This Phone Number

How To Do a Free Cell Phone Number Lookup?

You can do free cell phone number lookup from the US phone book, WhoseNumber, WhoCallMe, NumLooker, and many other websites or apps. There are also premium ones that offer additional features.

Who Called Me From This Number in South Africa?

For South Africans, CallApp, TrueCaller, and many other apps can be used to find out who called you. These apps can be both free and paid and which version to use depends on you.

Who Called Me From This Number UK?

You can visit the “Who Called UK” website to know about the unknown caller if you live in the United Kingdom. Many other paid apps can also allow you to do the reverse phone lookup. Check the reviews and price before deciding which one to use.

Final Words

In this article, we answered your “Who called me from this phone number?” question. You can use lots of apps and websites for this, and we discussed the top ones here.

The three best apps are TruthFinder, CallApp, and Phone by Google.

If you want to use a website, visit Numlooker, WhoCallMe, WhoseNumber, or US Phonebook.

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