Twitter Is Now Allowing Users to Add GIFs, Images, Memes, And Videos in a Single Tweet

Twitter recently announced that the company is now allowing users to add GIFs, memes, images, and videos in a single tweet to make the user experience better and more enjoyable. The announcement came in the midst of the news that Elon Musk has again offered to buy Twitter for 44 Billion dollars.

The company has been in the news ever since Elon Musk offered to buy it, but the deadlock happened. The deal is still in progress, and Twitter keeps giving its users new updates. It is expected that the edit option and voice notes in Dm’s will be available too for the users in the upcoming days.

But for now, let’s discuss the details of Twitter’s “Combine media” feature update.

Twitter Update: Combine Multiple Media In a Single Tweet Now

Twitter users can now add up to four media in a single tweet after the recent update. Earlier, people had to tweet separately for GIFs, Pictures, and Videos. But not anymore!

According to Twitter, this update is for both Android and iOS users.

Alessandro Paluzzi first spotted this feature, and then the news spread quickly.

Twitter then confirmed it and has now launched it in the first week of October for everyone. The social media giant informed everyone with a funny tweet:

Here’s how you can use this new Twitter feature.

How to Add GIFs, Images, and Videos In a Single Tweet?

Adding multiple media in a single tweet is really simple. Whether you are using Android or iOS, you can add up to four media in a post with three easy steps:

  1. Open Tweet Composer.
  2. Tap on the Photo icon and then select Media. 
  3. Lastly, publish the tweet.

Twitter also said that you can re-arrange the media before you publish the tweet according to your liking. You can position the GIF first, then the video or video, and then the GIF.

When you upload two media (e.g., image and video), both appear side by side. When you upload three or four media, they appear like a grid.

In Which Country Is This Combine Feature Accessible?

Twitter has announced that this new feature will be for everyone worldwide. It is currently available in selected countries only, but the company is trying to expand it to a global level in a short time.

People’s Reaction to Twitter’s New Combine Feature

When Twitter announced the new feature, it got people excited. They immediately started testing it and then tweeted how fun it really is.

Here are some tweets of users regarding Twitter allowing gifs, images, memes, and videos in a single tweet:

Cristina Alexander called this combining feature “Way past too cool.”

Coach Of titans gave a funny response about Twitter’s new update:

Saalimah tweeted that she instantly tested the recent update and liked it:

Twitter Support tweeted:

In addition, there are hundreds of more tweets that praise this feature. You should also give it a try and be a part of this fun update.

Final Remarks

All in all, Twitter is now allowing users to add multiple media like GIFs, photos, videos, and memes in a single tweet. Earlier, people used to tweet separately whenever they had to post more than one media file. But now, you can say everything with pictures, GIFs, memes, and videos in a tweet.

However, note that Twitter is only allowing up to four media in a single tweet. Twitter is planning to launch more new updates soon. So, if you don’t use Twitter much, now is the best time to start using this platform.

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